8 Creative Ways to Use Vortex Parasols in Your Outdoor Events

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Vortex Parasols are a quietly underestimated piece of hardware that once installed in a chosen location can provide a number of different, substantial benefits. Many customers, employees, and even investors may take them for granted, but that is an unwise and ignorant position. In this short post, I will explain in detail the top 8 creative ways to use vortex parasols, and why a vortex parasol installation is a great idea for your business.

8. Creating an Eye-Catching Canopy with Multiple Vortex Parasols

The great thing about Vortex Parasols is that they can provide a tree-like canopy. Normally in nature, canopies are the top part of a number of different tall trees that branch out to reach the sunlight and provide a large amount of cover from the sun and rain.

The Parasols that Perry’s Shades offer can be used in the same way. By purchasing and installing a number of different parasols, you can create a parasol-like covering of any area you wish to be protected from sunlight or rain. In most cases it’s normally going to be sunlight, however, sometimes they can work quite well for rain.

With a clever, well-thought-out arrangement and effective vortex parasol installation, your business will attract many new customers who would not have visited you before. In the summer months, this will become especially helpful and will be a way for you to provide many different events under the protection that Perry’s Shades vortex parasols offer you.

7. Using Vortex Parasols to Define Space and Provide Shade for Seating Areas

As mentioned before, you can use vortex parasols to allocate space and of course, define different areas in your outside property. For bars, restaurants, playgrounds, and even pubs, this can be very helpful. This is because you can choose where the social areas are since the shade is going to be the main place where people are going to congregate, whereas children might play in the sun for example.

Through this method, you can choose the perfect layout that bests suit your business, and make the best of this valuable equipment. You can place benches, tables, chairs, and other outdoor applicants to attract and keep visitors and customers entertained. You could also use the shade to provide a small screen or monitor which would be perfect for watching sporting events like Football, Cricket or Golf for example.

6. Hanging from trees or other structures for a Bohemian look

Another way you could make use of this product is to use it for aesthetics and go for a Bohemian Look. By combining different parasol covers you can create a contrasting and colourful look, which will give you an edge over other businesses that may use one or two parasols.

It depends greatly on what look you’re going for, but if for example, you want to go for a different more nature-centered vibe, then hanging them from trees is a great idea. As long as the trees are not on your property, there should not be an issue.

5. Illuminating your outdoor event using lights

Another great way to take advantage of some of the vortex parasols is that you can of course use them to house lights. Most of the time, the lighting you can buy from marketplaces and some stores will have attachments on them which will allow you to attach them to certain things like poles, trees, walls, and much more.

Of course, one thing you should be able to do would be is attach a light or several lights (depending on your preference) to your vortex parasol. This can provide a great effect at night, and if you use different coloured lights it can look even better. Depending on what kind of business you have, it might be a way to convey a certain type of mood or effect for your customers or visitors.

4. Decorating Vortex Parasols with Streamers or Flowers for a different look

Another way you can make good use of a vortex parasol installation is to use flowers and other decorations to make it look more attractive or convey a certain mood.

For example, if you’re hosting a wedding, party, or another social event, you might want to check out this option. A vortex parasol installation can provide you with many different options, and of course, streamers and flowers can make great additions to the initial investment of a vortex parasol.

3. Create backdrops for outdoor performances or presentations

Some the time, there may be some legitimate reason why you would want to host an event such as a performance or presentation. Speakers may want to use your space for a meeting to discuss a meeting, an upcoming event, or more, and you might want to host a band to attract potential customers and music enthusiasts.

A vortex parasol installation could provide a great backdrop for a performance or presentation. This will draw people to your business and make it look more professional. It will also give your business a few more uses and this can increase revenue in the long run.

2. Creating a Unique Outdoor Bar with an outdoor roof

If your business is a restaurant with no bar but an outdoor space at the back, then this may be the time to expand. Getting a vortex parasol installation could be the next turning point in your business.

The vortex parasol installation will provide cover from the sun and rain for an outdoor bar, and this can bring a lot more revenue to your business. Also, during the summer months, when the sub is particularly harsh, you can definitely expect the vortex parasol installation to become a huge success for your business.

1. Using Vortex Parasols in Combination with String Lights for a Magical Atmosphere

Vortex parasols are decorative parasols with a distinctive shape that, when they spin, produce a captivating visual impact. A string of tiny bulbs linked together on a wire makes up a type of lighting known as string lights.

With string lights and vortex parasols, you can transform a space into a wonderful haven. Just hang the string lights around the area’s perimeter. Then, suspend the vortex parasols from the room’s ceiling or from a prominent location within it.

Your guests will be transported to a whimsical realm as a result of the glittering, mystical impression created by the vortex parasols’ spinning surface reflecting the string lights. To create the ideal atmosphere for your event or gathering, you can experiment with various colour schemes and lighting designs.

Overall, string lights and vortex parasols work well together to produce a fantastic ambience that will leave guests with lasting impressions.

Invest in a vortex parasol now

If a vortex parasol is something that really interests you and you think it would be a great addition to your business, then make sure you get in contact with us here. Perry’s Shades Contact. We will answer any questions you may have about our business, the vortex parasols we provide, and the vortex parasol installation process.

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