Sail Shades For Commercial Properties: A Look At Their Benefits & Uses In The UK

Sail Shades For Commercial Properties: Their Benefits & Uses


Sail Shades have become a valuable and effective solution for some businesses and properties. With a sail shade installation being one of the many different ways of attracting customers and pleasing guests, it’s time to look at the main benefits and uses of Sail Shades with posts in the UK.

Introduction: What are Sail Shades and Why Are They Popular for Commercial Properties in the UK?

Shade sails, often called sail shades, are a sort of outdoor canopy that provides shade from the sun by tensioning a flexible membrane material between anchor points. They are a well-liked alternative for commercial buildings in the UK because of their adaptability, toughness, and visual appeal.

Since they can be tailored to accommodate a range of outside settings, including courtyards, patios, and parking lots, sail blinds are ideal for commercial establishments. They can be installed in various combinations to meet the particular requirements of the area and are available in various forms, sizes, and colours.

Sail blinds are a sensible option for businesses that wish to provide outside sitting or entertainment areas because they are sturdy and able to resist harsh weather conditions. They are frequently constructed from premium materials like UV-resistant polyester or PVC and are intended to be waterproof, fade-resistant, and mould and mildew resistant.

The fact that sail blinds may improve the overall appearance of the outside space is another reason why they are popular for commercial premises. They have a contemporary, sleek appearance that can go well with a variety of architectural styles and be utilised to highlight or create a distinctive focal point.

In general, sail shades are a well-liked alternative for commercial buildings in the UK since they provide a useful and fashionable solution for outdoor shade and can be tailored to match a variety of locations and architectural preferences.

Benefits of Sail Shades for Commercial Properties: A Comprehensive Overview

There are so many reasons to look into buying Sail Shades for your home or business, and many can provide different long-term benefits to having sail shades at your commercial property. For example:

Improved curb appeal

The shades can give a commercial building a contemporary, trendy design that will increase its curb appeal and attract more clients.

Improved energy efficiency

Shades can assist cut cooling costs during hot weather by lowering the direct sunlight that enters a building or outdoor area.

Expanded seating and entertainment options

Businesses can increase their seating and entertainment options by providing shaded outside areas, making the facility more adaptable and welcoming for guests.

Durability and low maintenance

High-quality sail shades are built of long-lasting, weather-resistant materials that require little maintenance, making them a long-term cost-effective option.

Customization options

Sail shades are available in a range of forms, dimensions, and hues, enabling companies to design a distinctive and eye-catching outdoor area that reflects their brand and personality.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Sail Shades for Commercial Properties in the UK

One very important thing you need to consider when you take into account a sail shade installation is the size of the area you have to work with. Your shades can only really be as big as the area that you have to work with, so make sure you know the correct measurements before ordering from Perry’s Shades. Here are some other factors to consider:


Consider the colour of the sail shade. Choose a colour that complements the surrounding environment and enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property.


Take into consideration the sail shades’ intended use. Do you intend to install them for aesthetic appeal, shade, or both? The sail shade’s size, shape, and material will be determined by this.


And lastly, think about your budget. Several sail hues are available at various pricing points, depending on the size, composition, and quality. Without sacrificing quality, pick a sail hue that works within your budget.


Sail shades come in different materials including PVC, shade cloth, and acrylic. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so consider factors such as durability, UV protection, water resistance and maintenance requirements when choosing the material.


Determine the size of the area you want to cover. This will help you choose the size and number of sail shades needed to provide adequate shade.


Sail shades come in different shapes including triangular, square, and rectangular. The shape you choose will depend on the shape of the area you want to cover and the aesthetic appeal you are going for.


Think about the installation procedure and whether you can install the sail shades yourself or whether you’ll require expert installation.

Maintenance & Care

At Perry’s Shades, we take care of installation once you have decided to purchase your Sail Shades. However, over time there are some maintenance concerns you are going to need to take care of. The sail shades with posts we provide at Perry’s Shades are very high quality, however, they can be prone to problems eventually.

Eventually, smoke, mildew, and other environmental effects as well as insects, birds, and other pests will create contamination. Your sun protection will become unattractive as a result. The process impregnates the material and guards it against future stains in addition to gently and properly cleaning it. Your sunblock appears clean and new once more!

Cost and Return on Investment

There is no doubt that the return on investment for this project is great, as not only does it provide practical means for your business to operate outside in the sun and add a variety of different outdoor facilities, such as a playground, bar or storage area but also many others.

On top of that, it also adds to the overall value of the property. Should you choose to sell your business or property later down the line, you can rest assured knowing that the sail shades with posts will be counted in the value as well.

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