The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Sun Sails

sun sails


Introduction to Sun Sails

With summer right around the corner, are you looking for a stylish and practical solution to provide shade and protection in your outdoor space? Look no further than sun sails! These versatile and attractive outdoor shade solutions are perfect for patios, gardens, pergolas, and more. In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore different types of sun sails, their benefits, and how to choose, install, and maintain them. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Types of Sun Sails

Outdoor sail shades come in various shapes, sizes, and materials to suit different needs and preferences. Here’s a breakdown of some popular types:

Triangle Garden Canopies

Triangle garden canopies are perfect for small spaces or when you want to add a touch of elegance and style to your garden. These three-sided sails can be arranged in various configurations to provide the desired shade and aesthetic appeal.

Garden Sail Shades

Garden sail shades are versatile and can be used in various outdoor settings like patios, playgrounds, and pools. They’re usually made from high-quality, UV-resistant fabric and come in a range of colours to complement your outdoor décor.

Waterproof Sun Shades for Patios

Waterproof sun shades are an excellent choice for areas that experience frequent rainfall. Made from water-resistant materials, these sails not only provide shade but also protect you and your outdoor furniture from the elements.

Rectangle Sun Shades

Rectangle sun shades offer more extensive coverage and are ideal for covering larger patios, decks, and outdoor dining areas. They can be attached to posts, walls, or trees to create the desired shade and ambiance.

Large Garden Sails

If you have a spacious garden or want to cover multiple areas, large garden sails are the way to go. These sails can be customized to fit your outdoor space perfectly and provide ample shade for relaxation and entertaining.

Pergola Sail Shades

Pergola sail shades are specifically designed for pergolas, offering shade, privacy, and a touch of elegance. They can be easily installed and adjusted to control the amount of sunlight filtering through the pergola.

Benefits of Sun Sails

Sun sail shades are not only visually appealing but also offer numerous practical benefits, such as:

  1. UV protection: Most sun sails are made from UV-resistant fabric, protecting you and your family from harmful UV rays.
  2. Temperature regulation: By providing shade, sun sails help keep your outdoor space cooler during hot summer days.
  3. Weather protection: Waterproof sun sails shield your outdoor space from rain, allowing you to enjoy your patio even during unpredictable weather.
  4. Customisation: Sun sails are available in various shapes, sizes, and colours, making it easy to find the perfect one for your space.
  5. Easy installation and removal: Sun sails can be easily installed and removed, making them a convenient option for seasonal use.

How to Choose the Right Sun Sail for Your Space

When selecting a sun sail, consider the following factors:

  1. Size and shape: Measure your outdoor space and choose a sun sail that provides the right amount of coverage without overwhelming the area.
  2. Material: Opt for high-quality, UV-resistant, and weatherproof materials to ensure durability and longevity.
  3. Colour: Choose a colour that complements your outdoor décor and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.
  4. Mounting options: Consider the available mounting points and select a sun sail that can be easily attached and adjusted.

Installation Tips for Sun Sails

Proper installation is crucial to ensure your sun sail functions effectively and looks great. Follow these tips for a successful installation:

  1. Choose strong mounting points: Sun sails should be secured to sturdy structures like walls, posts, or trees to withstand wind and weather.
  2. Use appropriate hardware: Invest in high-quality hardware like stainless steel turnbuckles, D-rings, and shackles to ensure a secure installation.
  3. Apply tension evenly: Ensure the sail is pulled taut and tension is evenly distributed to prevent sagging or flapping.
  4. Angle the sail: Install the sail at a slight angle to encourage water runoff and prevent pooling.

Caring for and Maintaining Your Sun Sail

Keep your sun sail in top condition with these maintenance tips:

  1. Regular cleaning: Clean your sun sail periodically using a mild detergent and water, and allow it to air dry.
  2. Inspect for damage: Check the sail, hardware, and mounting points regularly for signs of wear and tear or damage.
  3. Store during harsh weather: Remove and store your sun sail during extreme weather conditions to prolong its lifespan.

The Best Sun Sail Brands to Consider

When shopping for sun sails, look for reputable brands that offer high-quality, durable products. Perry’s Shades only uses Commercial 95 and Ferrari 502 for our Sun Shades. These are the best brands on the market.


Sun sails are a fantastic addition to any outdoor space, offering style, functionality, and protection from the elements. With various types available, you’re sure to find the perfect sun sail to transform your patio, garden, or pergola. Remember to consider factors like size, shape, material, and mounting options when choosing your sun sail, and follow our installation and maintenance tips to enjoy your shaded haven for years to come.


Can sun sails be left up all year round?

While sun sails are designed for outdoor use, it’s recommended to remove and store them during extreme weather conditions or winter months to prolong their lifespan. However, you can get Weatherproof Ferrari 502 sail shades which we can install for you.

How do I clean my sun sail?

Clean your sun sail using a mild detergent and water, and allow it to air dry. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as they may damage the fabric.

Can I install a sun sail myself, or do I need professional help?

Most sun sails can be installed by homeowners with basic DIY skills. However, for larger sails or complex installations, you may want to consult a professional.

How do I choose the right size sun sail for my space?

Measure your outdoor space and choose a sun sail that provides the desired coverage without overwhelming the area. Consider the shape and layout of your space to ensure the sun sail fits seamlessly into your outdoor design.

How often should I check my sun sail for signs of wear and tear?

It’s a good idea to inspect your sun sail, hardware, and mounting points at least once a season for signs of damage or wear. Regular inspections will help you identify and address any issues early, ensuring your sun sail remains in top condition.