Factors To Consider When Buying Sun Shades For Business In The UK

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There are many different factors that come into play when considering sun shades UK. So, in this post, we go over a few things to remember about sun shades and buying one in the UK for your business. We’ll go over many different factors to take into consideration when buying a large sunshade in the UK.

Types of Sun Shades Available in the UK Market

There are many different types of shades that are sold not just in the UK, but in other countries as well. These are some of the shades that can be purchased:

  1. Windshield Sun Shades: These are designed to fit over the windshield of your car, blocking sunlight and UV rays from entering your vehicle.
  2. Side Window Sun Shades: These are typically made of mesh or fabric and can be attached to the windows of your car to block sunlight and provide shade for passengers.
  3. Rear Window Sun Shades: These can be installed on the rear window of your car, blocking sunlight and providing privacy for passengers in the back seat.
  4. Pop-up Sun Shades: These are lightweight, foldable, and can be easily stored in the car’s trunk when not in use. They can be placed on the windshield or side windows of your car.
  5. Magnetic Sun Shades: These are attached to the metal frame of your car’s windows using magnets. They are easy to install and remove.
  6. Custom-fit Sun Shades: These are designed to fit specific makes and models of cars and are often made of higher-quality materials. They may cost more but provide a perfect fit and better protection from the sun.
  7. Universal Sun Shades: These are designed to fit most cars and come in different sizes and shapes. They may not provide a perfect fit but can be a more affordable option.

At Perry’s Shades, we sell shades that can be used to cover large areas in your property, as opposed to small car shades. We also offer shades for high-profile commercial properties which can be a great investment later down the line.

Material Matters: What Sun Shade Material is Best for UK Climate + Installation/storage options

What is Perry’s Shades doing to make sure that the material is the best for the UK climate? Well, one thing is certain, the UK climate is not that predictable, so it’s best to make sure you’re protected on all fronts, and at Perry’s Shades, we certainly do this.

UV is important

One of the most prevalent cancers in the UK is skin cancer. Damage from UV radiation in sunshine is the primary cause of most skin malignancies.


Our sun shades uk are the perfect shade solution for car parks, playgrounds, childcare facilities, sports arenas, pools, hot tubs, conservatories, outdoor living spaces, and other commercial or home applications since they significantly minimise exposure to this damaging UV.

Great installation service

From guidance, design, and manufacture to final installation, Perry’s Shades and Ground Works provides a comprehensive installation service. As an alternative, we can provide all the posts, wall plates, stainless steel fittings, and, of course, your custom-made or ready-made sail that is needed to finish your project.

Different colours

The UK-made custom sails come in a range of colours to match current architectural styles and improve already-existing constructions.

UV-resistant fabric for outdoor use

A very strong and UV-resistant outdoor fabric for use in tension structures and shade sails has been produced using the special commercial-grade knitted fabric we use for the custom sails.

Portability and Storage: Convenience Factors to Consider

A great fact about sun shades UK is the fact that they don’t always need to be installed straight away, or for long periods of time, but you can still purchase them.

They can be rolled up, and carefully placed in a cold dry area to be used at a later date. Easily fold/roll up the sun shades and carefully place them anywhere in storage where you would like them to remain until you are ready to install them and use them.

They can easily be placed in a corner such as in a backroom for example or quickly rolled up and placed in an attic for example so they are out of the way.

Durability and Warranty: What to Look for in a Quality Sun Shade

Consider the product’s longevity and guarantee before purchasing a sun shade for your automobile in the UK. The materials used to construct a high-quality sunshade should be able to resist the severe British weather. Also, the sun shade ought to be able to offer durable defence against UV rays and sunlight.

When purchasing a sun shade, it’s critical to consider durability as well as a warranty. Knowing that you are protected in the event that a product fails due to flaws in the design or shoddy craftsmanship will give you peace of mind. The sun shade should be covered by a reliable warranty for at least a year, however, some manufacturers might provide longer guarantees.

It’s important to read the small print and comprehend the terms and conditions while shopping for a sunshade with a solid warranty. It’s critical to understand what is and isn’t covered by warranties because some may have restrictions or exclusions. Save a copy of your receipt as evidence of purchase and care for your sunshade according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The interior of your car will be protected, and a long-lasting sun shade with a solid warranty will keep it cool and pleasant in the hot, sunny weather of the UK.

Customer Reviews: How to make informed decisions based on user feedback

If you want to see some of our work and some of the sun shades UK and also parasols that we have provided for businesses across the UK, please go to our portfolio page: Perry’s Shades Portfolio and scroll down to the bottom to see the reviews and photos.

We are focused on providing a great service along with our product and we can only do this by operating in a professional and exceptional manner.

Get your sun shades UK from Perry’s Shades now

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