The Benefits Of Investing In Commercial Parasols For Your Restaurant Or Cafe

Commercial Parasols UK - The Business Benefits Of Buying One


You may take them for granted, but parasols are an easy way to provide shade and comfort for your guests or customers when it gets sunny. And if your business is located near the cost, for example, this can be quite often. However, there are more ways than just sun protection in which commercial parasols can benefit your business. In this post, we will go over the positive commercial parasols UK aspects, and much more.

Create a comfortable outdoor dining experience

The first aspect to consider about commercial parasols UK is that they provide a comfortable and relaxing experience. Picture this, it’s a blazing hot summer day, the sun is piercing down, and there are no clouds. This is where commercial parasols come into play. A wise purchase of such a simple yet effective product and see this problem banished forever. Sun glare will be reduced and your customers will enjoy their meals in peace.

Most people want to be outside on such a nice day, preferring to eat outside and enjoy the fresh summer air. There aren’t going to be many people who enjoy eating inside on a hot summer’s day, especially in England and the rest of the UK where Air Con is scarce. This is why commercial parasols can provide such a nice time for your customers.

Protect customers and staff from harmful UV rays

Some people don’t have that much time to put on sun cream and some people just plainly neglect to. With commercial parasols in the UK, you can provide a nice area for people to eat, relax and socialise in, whilst still being close enough to serve them. UV rays can be much more harmful than you think.

The parasols will protect them from harsh sunlight, especially during really hot months and weeks, as some people in the UK are unprepared and don’t take the hot weather we rarely get seriously.

Extend Your Outdoor Seating Area and Increase Revenue

Another thing to consider is that when you invest in a parasol for your business you won’t just be limited to how many people you can serve indoors but it will also allow you to serve people outside, and this will not only mean you can extend your outdoor seating, but also your revenue.

It’s also a way to draw customers to your site because if you host a small playground under the parasol, you can also expect more parents to attend your business.

Enhance your business’s brand and aesthetic appeal

Of course, another way in which commercial parasols can benefit your business is the branding and aesthetics side of them. A wise choice of colour can make your brand stand out a bit more when using commercial parasols.

They will also add to the aesthetics of your business, be it a volleyball centre, cafe, restaurant, playground, pub or more, choosing the right one from our wide range of colours and sizes means you can decide what’s best for your business. Get in contact with us today: Perry’s Shades Contact Page.

Versatile, durable & insured

At Perry’s Shades, you can rest assured that our commercial parasols UK shades are top-of-the-line, extremely high quality, and come with a 10-year warranty. And not only that but our company has a £10 million Public Liability, are CRB checked.

They’re also manufactured in the UK with a marine-grade, stainless steel frame, fire retardant canopy and lots of options for heating and lighting.

Cost-Effective Investment: How Commercial Parasols Can Save You Money

In the long run, if you’re considering the commercial parasols UK aspects, then the cost is certainly going to be one of them. However, you might want to consider the fact that they can also act as an investment. Since they could provide an addition to your business, you can rest assured that they will come in handy later on.

Another way in which they can save money is of course because most of the ones that we sell here at Perry’s Shades are pretty big, meaning you can cover quite a large space with them. Why is this good? Well, it means you can save money on buying individual umbrellas for each table. Instead, you can buy one parasol and cover a much larger and connected space, which is better for your business and your customers.

Choosing the right commercial parasol for your business’s needs

If you’re thinking about buying a parasol then you’re most likely wondering which parasol you need to buy, and which one will fit your business needs. Well, thankfully at Perry’s Shades we provide all kinds of different shades and commercial parasols, giving you a wide range of options. See our portfolio here and take a look at some of our previous shades for customers: Perry Shades Commercial Parasols Portfolio.

Most of the time, there is going to be a use for your business, and we would love to work with you and provide that use. As previously mentioned, at Perry’s shades and groundworks, our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional service of the highest calibre. Get in touch with Perry’s Shades today and ask us any questions about our commercial parasols that might interest you: Perry’s Shades Contact page.

Conclusion: why commercial parasols are a smart investment for any restaurant or cafe

We’ve already covered a number of different reasons why commercial parasols in the UK are a good investment for your business, especially for a restaurant or cafe.

However, with many other uses, such as a play area, mini golf course, volleyball court, tennis court, bar and more, there are many different reasons why a commercial parasol would be a great investment for your business.

The commercial parasols UK aspects offer great security, assistance with branding and aesthetics, and an attractive feature of your business. If you’re interested in buying commercial parasols from Perry’s Shades, please get in contact with us today: Perry’s Shades Contact page and provide us with your business details so we can best align a parasol for your business.