Top 8 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Shade Sail Installation

Shade Sail Installation


As the summer months are looming over, some business owners are looking for ways in which to use shade sails to offer protection from the sun for their property. We have covered which Shade Sails business owners might want to buy and the benefits they bring. However, in this post, we will discuss the top 8 reasons to hire a professional for your shade sail installation.

Experience and Expertise: Why it Matters for Shade Sail Installation

The first reason that you might want to consider when you’re thinking of doing a shade sail installation yourself would be the experience and expertise that will come with the installation. There are many reasons why it matters for shade sail installation and you should make sure that understand how to set up one correctly.

How can you be sure that you will install the equipment correctly if you have no prior experience? With an installation from a professional, you can rest assured that it will be put up correctly without any mishaps or mistakes, saving you valuable time and money in the future.

Safety First: Avoiding Injury and Damage During Installation

Another reason that you might want to hire a professional when it comes to shade sail installation would be safety. Can you really be certain that your installation will be safe? There are small prices of hardware and large Sails that needs to be configured in a special way in order to best protect against the sun and other elements.

There may be some damage during the shade sail installation, and this can certainly be avoided when choosing to hire a professional contractor or company such as Perry’s Shades. With many years of experience, £10 million in Public Liability, and being CRB checked, Perry’s Shades are your best call to action for a successful, easy, safe and quick shade sail installation. Please get in touch with us here: Perry’s Shades Contact for help with your shade sail installation.

Proper Anchoring: Ensuring Your Shade Sail Stays Put

Any property can install shade sails, but commercial properties require proper anchoring more than residential ones. The explanation is straightforward. Companies are required by law and morality to ensure the safety of their clients, staff members, and visitors.

A shade sail might create a safety threat if it is not securely anchored. An incorrectly anchored shade sail may come loose or separate from its moorings during strong winds or storms, which could result in damage to adjacent property or injury to persons.

Furthermore, the owner of the business may be held accountable for any injuries or property damage that result from an accident caused by a poorly anchored shade sail. This might result in pricey legal actions and harm to the company’s reputation.

An expert shade sail installation will have the skills and expertise required to securely anchor the shade sail, guaranteeing that it remains in place and is secure for everyone nearby. To choose the best anchor type and location for the shade sail, they will take into account the particular soil properties, wind patterns, and other variables.

Time and Efficiency: How Professionals Save You Time

Here are some reasons why you might want to hire a professional based on time and Efficiency:


A qualified shade sail installer has the knowledge and skills required to carry out the installation process swiftly and effectively. They are equipped to handle any difficulties that may occur during installation and can foresee problems that a less experienced installer might not be aware of.

Tools and Equipment

Professional installers have access to specialised tools and equipment that speed up and improve the efficiency of the installation process. They have the equipment needed to drill holes into concrete or other materials to properly anchor the shade sail, as well as to cut, shape, and tension the sailcloth.

Planning and preparation

Before beginning the installation procedure, experts thoroughly plan and get ready. In order to give the most shade and protection, they will evaluate the area, take measurements, and choose the optimum location and orientation for the shade sail. The installation procedure will proceed more smoothly and effectively thanks to this preparation.


Experienced shade sail installers are aware of how important timing is, particularly for commercial projects. They will work fast to finish the installation while causing the least amount of disruption to the company’s regular business activities possible.


Not only is a professional shade sail installation swift and effective, but it is also of a high calibre. The shade sail will be properly placed with the required tension and support to guarantee durability. The shade sail won’t need to be repaired or replaced any time soon, so this relieves your concern.

Avoiding Common Mistakes: The Benefits of Professional Installation

Hiring a professional to install your sail shade will help you avoid typical blunders that frequently happen with do-it-yourself or inexperienced installations. These errors may involve poor anchoring, inappropriate positioning, insufficient tension, and incorrect sail sizing.

To maximise the functioning and visual appeal of the shade sail, professional installers can evaluate the site, take exact measurements, and decide where and how big to place the sail. Additionally, they know how to properly tension and anchor the sail so that it remains in place and offers the required security.

Professional installation lowers the danger of harm to the sail or the property since they have the tools and equipment required to install the shade sail appropriately. They may also offer helpful guidance on how to maintain the shade sail properly to ensure its longevity.

You can prevent the frequent errors that could lead to an inadequate or unsafe installation of a shade sail by employing a competent installer. This means that you can take advantage of a shade sail’s full benefits without worrying about its durability, usability, or safety.

Warranty and Insurance: Why Hiring a Professional is a Smart Investment

Concerns about warranty and insurance coverage might be eased by hiring a professional to install your sail shade. The work of a professional installer is often covered by a warranty or guarantee, ensuring that any flaws or problems with the installation will be resolved quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, in order to be eligible for warranty coverage, many shade sail manufacturers demand that the installation be done by a qualified professional. The installation must adhere to the manufacturer’s standards and criteria in order to be eligible for any warranty or insurance coverage, which may involve hiring a professional installer.

Additionally, a qualified installer will be covered by liability insurance, which safeguards you in case any damage or injuries occur while the installation is being done. You would be liable for any damage or injuries if an accident happened while doing a DIY installation or during a rookie installation. However, you can make sure that you are shielded from any potential liability by working with a professional installer.

Overall, by ensuring that the installation is completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and by providing liability insurance for any potential issues that may arise during the installation process, hiring a professional installer for your sail shade installation can help you with warranty and insurance coverage.

Choosing the Right Materials: Tips from a Professional Shade Sail Installer

For your sail shade installation to be successful and durable, selecting the appropriate materials is essential. It’s crucial to choose supplies that are tough, climate-resistant, and made to survive the elements.

Choosing the right materials is crucial for a successful and long-lasting sail shade installation. Choosing supplies that are durable, climate-resistant, and designed to withstand the weather is essential.

Professionals also have access to vendors and materials of the highest calibre that the typical consumer might not. They can suggest materials that have been tried out and shown to be strong and long-lasting, lowering the possibility of premature wear or shade sail damage.

Additionally, selecting the incorrect materials or installing them incorrectly can result in a variety of issues, such as harm to the shade sail, anchor points, or the actual property. The danger of harm or injury can be decreased by hiring a professional installer to make sure the materials are installed correctly.

Overall, it’s better to let a professional installer select the materials for your sail shade installation. They are equipped with the skills and experience needed to choose and install materials of the highest calibre that are resilient, weatherproof, and made to withstand the elements, resulting in a successful and long-lasting installation.

Getting help with your shade sail installation

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