Awnings – Summer, Sun, Spotlessly Clean Professional cleaning of Awnings, sun canopies, sail shades, tents and tarpaulins.
When was the last time you thought of thoroughly cleaning your sun protection?
Over time, contamination is caused by insects and birds or by environmental impacts, such as soot, mildew, etc. This will make your sun protection unsightly.
The procedure not only gently and effectively cleans but also impregnates the material and protects it against new stains. Your sun protection looks fresh and clean again!
The advantages
  • Gentle and effective cleaning.
  • Stain treatment and removal of soot, grease, mildew, etc.
  • Water- and dirt-repellent deep impregnation.
  • The fabric remains breathable.
  • All treatment products used are environmentally friendly.
  • All textiles are delivered in a dry and ready-to-use state.
Fixings – rigging screws, bow shackle, eye plates, eye bolt, carbine hook.
Have tea stains on your hardware?
Here at Perry’s shades and groundworks we have the correct kits to remove the stains on your hardware, witch can either can be sent to you or we can come and clean them for you.
Remove and install
If you need your sails or parasols removed for the winter and then reinstalled for the summer we can help you, whilst we remove the sails or parasols we will give them a visual inspection and then get them repaired or replaced the part or section. we recommend for you do this either with ourselves or yourself to keep your sails or parasols looking its best when you need it.

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